Vancouver Fashion Week 2018

Vancouver Fashion Week 2018

Vancouver Fashion Week 2018 came in the winter for the Spring and Summer season and kicked off with different elegant brands and models featuring fresh and eye-catching colors. Every model was covered in such splendid dresses that viewers forgot to blink their eyes and kept watching them until they faded away behind the ramp.

It offers a chance and place for designers to present their ideas and shine in front of fashions’ biggest voices. The opening of the event started with an appreciation award ceremony for those people who have contributed to the local fashion industry.

Start of the Week

Picture : Slayed by Ten Finale piece

The week was filled with madness and spell-binding models that presented haunting garbs, spiked headwear, plastic-detailed clothes, sportswear, eyewear, and other royalty dresses. The music behind the ramp was the famous Game of Thrones title track, and the models presented an international perspective in royal Fashion. Some of the famous colours Slayed by Ten showcased in the show were soft pinks, ivories, whites, and many others that kept people in awe. The collection was a hit among others, and all the attendees were adorned with her collection. 

The other collection of dress which attracted the attention of fashion designers was EmulEos’ bedazzles outfits which have metallic and emblazoned crystals embedded in them. Alice Vaughan Davis’s designs were termed as Fashion meets fine arts as she came with the ideas of ready to wear, and the colors were so refreshing to the eyes that it got published in Forbes. The Mexican designer Monica came with new womenswear and accessories collection that features fabrics and textures linked to Mexican culture.

Pregnant Taneka with her Models

A new Korean-born designer with a degree from London presented her very first collection of blouses and jackets at the event. Another Independent fashion label created by Monaca Nishi based on the street fashion of Tokyo presented her collection. The owner of one of the brands was six-months pregnant, and she wore a classic knee-length dress and walked with one of her models on the ramp to represent the brand.

The fashion week came up with all kinds of dresses from party wear to ready-to-wear and from leather jackets to casual clothes. The dresses of Atelier Guarin presented different options for women to wear, such as long pants, ruffled sleeves and skirts, knee-high boots with mini dresses, and much more.

Shoes That Go With Every Dress

Shoes displayed by Hunsel, such as high-end sneakers that people can wear with any dress, got the attention of many designers. One of the most admired concepts of Vancouver Fashion Week 2018 was clothes designed by JAAJ, which were a combination of leather and Burlap. The founder of this Fashion Week Jamal Abdourahman is eager to continue the legacy of Vancouver Fashion Week to bring out the talent and innovation of the fashion industry.

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